Project and grant proposal assessments


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DSES has wide experience in creating and assessing multidisciplinary research grant proposals with large-scale facilities and the organisation of deep-sea expeditions. Through work as Head of External Affairs for the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Godalming, and then the National Oceanography Centre (formerly the Southampton Oceanography Centre), DSES has developed a broad appreciation of research requirements across all oceanographic disciplines, including the incorporation of molecular genetics and numerical modelling of physical oceanographic processes in spatial planning. DSES has negotiated the details of a wide variety of projects, including budgets and the provision for ships and equipment, with a wide variety of stakeholders in Industry, Government departments, the European Commission, international bodies and research institutions.

DSES,  therefore, has great experience in knowing what works at sea and what it costs.

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DSES also maintains a close relationship with scientific researchers in the Deepseas and Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems groups at the national Oceanography Centre. Through the ongoing work with these teams DSES staff also have a good appreciation of current scientific research requirements, and the major gaps in knowledge that are required to be filled across all scientific disciplines for the environmental management of the oceans.
In addition, through the Census of Marine Life (2000 to 2010), the International Seabed Authority and the INDEEP scientific network, DSES has many contacts and collaborations internationally.